Type3 Studio is a full-service architectural practice, founded in 2005 and based in London. We provide a unique blend of conceptual thinking and project experience, spanning strategic briefing, architecture, interior design and masterplanning. Having worked in the UK and the USA, we have a strong track record for delivering projects from feasibility through to construction.Working with both private and public sector clients, providing project solutions which promote diversity, are adaptable to provide initial good fit, but also have a framework which can accommodate change and upgrade according to local, regional and global conditions.

Our experience of strategic briefing allows us to understand the complex and often contradictory interests of Planners, local amenity groups, stakeholders and clients. Creating simple design briefs to solve complex problems to produce contextually distinctive spaces and buildings.

Our design always starts at the modelling table. Producing a variety of quick prototypes to test theories and ideas. Allowing us to open the dialogue with the Client, Planners and other stakeholders in an easily understandable way. We progress into the usual drawing and visual techniques but the model remains the constant throughout, something to refer back to and refine as the design develops.

We are proud of our successes with complex, challenging sites and buildings. Whether new build masterplans for brownfield sites, refurbished listed buildings in conservation areas or ecologically and environmentally sensitive green belt developments. Though these projects differ vastly in type and scale they share the common thread of the dialogue built up between the various parties involved to find solutions that provide benefit for all, in one way or another.

Both Partners were in senior management positions at large London Practices before forming Type3 studio. We bring together experience in a wide variety of building and project types which allows us to look at problems holistically. Sometimes applying construction techniques from commercial office development to one off houses or bringing bespoke solutions to large scale masterplans. Always with an eye for design detail and innovation but also with the underlying understanding of how, why and for whom things get built.

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